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Note-taking by Tiffany Pilson

Board members debated whether a member’s sex offender status should prevent them from serving on the board, leaving mostly unanswered questions.

Live reporting by Amelia Benavides-Colón

Board members debated whether a member’s sex offender status should prevent them from serving on the Board, leaving mostly unanswered questions.

Amelia Benavides-Colón @benavides_colon
what’s up, Detroit! 🌇
I'm covering today’s Detroit Continuum of Care Board of Directors meeting at 2 p.m. for @DetDocumenters 🩷
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09:05 AM Feb 5, 2024 CST

Amelia Benavides-Colón @benavides_colon 2/46
👩🏽‍💻This body, led by the Homelessness Action Network of Detroit since 1996, promotes community-wide strategies to end homelessness across Detroit, Hamtramck and Highland Park.
Amelia Benavides-Colón @benavides_colon 3/46
📰Documenter @kayleighrenel has the scoop on CoC’s latest board member Alan Rosetto - who failed to disclose his status as a sex offender before being elected to the Board in Nov.
Rosetto was convicted of sexually abusing his 13-year-old stepdaughter.…
Amelia Benavides-Colón @benavides_colon 4/46
💻 This afternoon’s meeting is held virtually, and the link to join can be found below along with the agenda:…
Amelia Benavides-Colón @benavides_colon 5/46
It is meeting time! I'm just waiting to be let into the Zoom room
Amelia Benavides-Colón @benavides_colon 6/46
Still waiting... I did double-check my emails because I too noticed the "The meeting is scheduled for Jan. 8." line in my last post
And this is the link I was sent on Feb. 2 when I registered for this meeting, so I think they just forgot to update an old room name.
Amelia Benavides-Colón @benavides_colon 7/46
Actually, ignore my last post.
An incorrect link was sent out to the public when registering for today's meeting.
I'm now in the correct Zoom room where Vice Chairperson Chelsea Johnson is going over a proposed timeline for the year
Amelia Benavides-Colón @benavides_colon 8/46
It looks like the entire first half of the agenda has already been presented.
We're now taking a 5-minute break.
Amelia Benavides-Colón @benavides_colon 9/46
Hopefully, the recording of this meeting will be made public so we can review the earlier proceedings
I didn't hear any acknowledgment of the incorrect Zoom link in the 5-6 minutes I've been present
Amelia Benavides-Colón @benavides_colon 10/46
I should also note this Board doesn't have a Chairperson currently.
According to last month's minutes, the former Chairperson's term expired in 2023 and none of the suggested replacements responded to emails about their interest in fulfilling the role
Amelia Benavides-Colón @benavides_colon 11/46
It looks like today is a vote to postpone the vote to next month - this survey was shared in the chat by Johnson for Board Members to vote by the end of the meeting
I'm not sure what the "rationale provided in the email" is
Amelia Benavides-Colón @benavides_colon 12/46
Chelsea Johnson is not Vice Chair of Coc. That role is held by Candace Morgan.
Amelia Benavides-Colón @benavides_colon 13/46
Secretary Erica George has passed the mic to member Dr. Gerald Curley to discuss 2024 Board Elections
Amelia Benavides-Colón @benavides_colon 14/46
Curley said a real conversation needs to be held around this election process in order for stakeholders to feel comfortable in their relationship with CoC
Amelia Benavides-Colón @benavides_colon 15/46
Curley is emphasizing respectful conversation in a transparent discussion and urges people to stay kind during their passionate conversations
Amelia Benavides-Colón @benavides_colon 16/46
Tasha Gray, CoC's Lead Appointee on behalf of HAND, is going over the principles of this body and its mission
Amelia Benavides-Colón @benavides_colon 17/46
"Housing First" is the philosophy that there is a housing crisis that must be addressed. Period.
*There is a bot that has entered the room showing graphic imagery*
Amelia Benavides-Colón @benavides_colon 18/46
It's also vital for the Board to lean into its vision, to solve the housing crisis on a racially equitable level.
Amelia Benavides-Colón @benavides_colon 19/46
Vice Chair Candace Morgan said it's vital that every member of this board is here because they are ready to make a change in the climate of homelessness.
Amelia Benavides-Colón @benavides_colon 20/46
Morgan said it's important for members to emphasize their individuality in addition to having the shared goals of being a CoC member.
Amelia Benavides-Colón @benavides_colon 21/46
Morgan said she's been involved with CoC since 1998, but something has happened in the last 6 months that she has never experienced before.
Amelia Benavides-Colón @benavides_colon 22/46
What I *believe* Morgan is generally referring to is the one-of-a-kind Detroit Homelessness Report that was published in October 2023 - reporting more than 8,000 homeless people in the city staying at shelters twice as long as in 2015
Amelia Benavides-Colón @benavides_colon 23/46
And homeless shelters in the city are struggling to keep up.…
Amelia Benavides-Colón @benavides_colon 24/46
Morgan said she's proud of the work CoC has produced in recent years, and is excited for what is to come.
Amelia Benavides-Colón @benavides_colon 25/46
Morgan is apologizing if she's ever been apart of an unkind, unsafe environment for all perspectives - and wants to ensure that everyone feels safe to share their opinions at all times.
Amelia Benavides-Colón @benavides_colon 26/46
"We can't pick and choose who we're going to serve, we have to serve them (all) with dignity and respect," Morgan said.
Empathy is the key to succeeding in a role like this, she said.
Amelia Benavides-Colón @benavides_colon 27/46
There is a comment in the chat from member-at-large Sarah Rennie:
"If things are going to be authentic and transparent- all sides of this must be considered- 40% of persons in homelessness report victimization of some type"
Amelia Benavides-Colón @benavides_colon 28/46
Member-at-large Taura Brown said, "we are having a whole presentation to justify putting a sex offender on the board."
Amelia Benavides-Colón @benavides_colon 29/46
She is actively calling out Alan Rosetto and his child abuse allegations.
She said it is unfair that the Board is not being intentional with the mistakes it makes.
Rennie commented: "Many board members have also called me triggered by this conversation."
Amelia Benavides-Colón @benavides_colon 30/46
Brown said the Board is advocating for the sex offender but not advocating for the homeless population that suffers from abuse like this
Amelia Benavides-Colón @benavides_colon 31/46
Brown said these conversations never took place before Rosetto was elected to the Board... and it's pulling away from the mission of CoC.
"We can still serve sex offenders without serving in concert with them on the Board," Brown said.
Amelia Benavides-Colón @benavides_colon 32/46
Brown said she feels betrayed by the Board's failure to act and alleges if Rosetto was Black then he would be gone already.
She said he need to go today.
Amelia Benavides-Colón @benavides_colon 33/46
Morgan said there is work in committee being done behind the scenes to address the "things you mentioned"
She's also only referring to Rosetto and his allegations as "the issue" and said there is a legal process that must take place
Amelia Benavides-Colón @benavides_colon 34/46
Morgan said CoC has acquired legal council to assist with "the issue."
Amelia Benavides-Colón @benavides_colon 35/46
Shannon Tanis (not a board member) said that the Board electing Rosetto opens questions about them being deceptive in other areas.
She said she's willing to wait for the Governance Charter Code of Conduct update, but it can't be ignored
Amelia Benavides-Colón @benavides_colon 36/46
Tanis said the Board can do its own legal research without the help of aid.
"It's supposed to be common sense," she said.
Amelia Benavides-Colón @benavides_colon 37/46
*I should mention Rosetto is here, camera off*
Amelia Benavides-Colón @benavides_colon 38/46
Lydia Goddard, youth homelessness provider and board member said she's very aware of how new this problem is and needs to be addressed in an equitable, legal way.
But at the same time, the integrity of the Board is now at risk. She would like to know a clear timeline and process
Amelia Benavides-Colón @benavides_colon 39/46
Goddard said knowing what is going on and what the timeline is would help put many members at ease because right now being in limbo is weighing on many people's hearts.
Amelia Benavides-Colón @benavides_colon 40/46
*Many kudos in the chat for Goddard*
Amelia Benavides-Colón @benavides_colon 41/46
Morgan said she appreciated Goddard's time and energy.
That is the end of the discussion period on this topic.
Amelia Benavides-Colón @benavides_colon 42/46
From the discussion, it seems what board members want is transparency in the exec-board's process for rectifying the mistake of hiring Rosetto.
They acknowledge a legal barrier exists, and in treating sex offenders equitably as they are also a population CoC is serving.
Amelia Benavides-Colón @benavides_colon 43/46
But at the same time, many shareholders and clients CoC works with are holding the Board's integrity in question due to their haste in addressing Rosetto's hiring.
And board members themselves find it appalling that they are being asked to serve next to a "child rapist"
Amelia Benavides-Colón @benavides_colon 44/46
While Vice Chair Morgan never addressed Rosetto by name and only generally referred to an ongoing "issue" - she did say legal counsel has been acquired, and committee meetings are taking place to figure out the "next steps"
Amelia Benavides-Colón @benavides_colon 45/46
Morgan called the end of the meeting at 3:14 p.m.
This concludes my coverage of the Detroit Continuum of Care Board Meeting on Feb. 5, 2024, at 2:00 p.m. for #DetDocumenters
Amelia Benavides-Colón @benavides_colon 46/46
You can find more coverage at


By Tiffany Pilson 2/5/2024

Agency Information

Detroit Continuum of Care

Since 1996, the Homeless Action Network of Detroit (HAND) has served as the lead agency for the CoC for Detroit, Hamtramck, and Highland Park. HAND is governed by a Board of Directors composed of representatives from the community. In its role as the lead agency for the CoC, HAND carries out the following activities:

Promote integrated, community-wide strategies and plans to prevent and end homelessness;

Provide coordination among the numerous local organizations and initiatives that serve the homeless population, and

Manage the CoC’s single, comprehensive grant application to HUD for McKinney-Vento funding which includes Continuum of Care funds and State Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) funds.

The governance charter for the Detroit CoC was adopted on May 19, 2015, and most recently revised on May 21, 2019. Please click here to download a copy:


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