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Edited and summarized by the Chicago - IL Documenters Team

Note-taking by Jennifer Guerrero

My CHI. My Future. out-of-school learning app

Live reporting by William Garcia

My CHI. My Future. out-of-school learning app

Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter
Hi, I'll be live-tweeting this morning's Chicago City Council Committee on Education and Child Development meeting for @CHIdocumenters #CHIdocumenters

08:57 AM Jun 9, 2021 CDT

Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 2/26
Today's 10:00am meeting will be live-streamed here:…
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 3/26
Today's agenda. You can find a PDF copy here:…
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 4/26
Central to this morning's agenda is an agreement between @NorthwesternU and @ChiPubSchools allowing CPS to utilize NU's MyCHI. My Future. platform. See here for more information:…

Additionally, you can check out the platform at
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 5/26
@NorthwesternU @ChiPubSchools See here regarding a recent mayoral press release regarding the MCMF "Rediscover Summer" campaign:…
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 6/26
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 7/26
Chairman Michael Scott calls the meeting to order at 10:04am.
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 8/26
Roll is called, determining a quorum (at least 10 members present).
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 9/26
Public comment period:
1. A man speaks in support of renaming outer Lake Shore Drive after Jean Baptiste Point du Sable.
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 10/26
2. A woman representing Black Heroes Matter also speaks in renaming outer LSD to du Sable Drive. This item will be voted on during the next City Council meeting on 6/23. She says that some people can't stand the idea of a major roadway being named after a black man.
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 11/26
3. Paul Pearson, a faculty member of @ChicagoState, also speaks in favor of renaming outer LSD after du Sable. Pearson references a Richard J Daley 1963 proclamation that announced the third full week in August to be du Sable week.
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 12/26
@ChicagoState 4. The caller is not present.

This concludes the public comment period.
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 13/26
The Rule 45 report (January 2021) is approved.
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 14/26
Brandie Knazze of the Chicago Department of Family and Support Services speaks about the My CHI. My Future. (MCMF) program, saying that so far over 20k youth have utilized the resource. Knazze discusses the release of the MCMF app, which was called for by users.
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 15/26
Knazze says they have received $140k in funds for the development and testing of the MCMF mobile app.
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 16/26
Adam Wisniewski, CEO/founder of EX3 labs, gives a technology update for the MCMF app. He says that he first learned to code thanks to resources such as @chipublib. Says the app will adhere to guidelines regarding accessibility and Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA)
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 17/26
Knazze says they are asking for $250k for the development and testing of the MCMF mobile app. They currently have $140k for the mobile app launch and maintenance. Knazze says they are not asking for city funds for the app.
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 18/26
Knazze says the MCMF app does not store any personal data. Anyone younger than 13 will need parental approval to use the app.
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 19/26
Wisniewski says app data and content is pushed to the users' devices. He says there is no social media component that would allow for interaction between youth and adults.
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 20/26
Knazze says the app has youth opportunities such as jobs/events and content related to interests (e.g., sports). She says most youth access websites via their phones, and they want to ensure they have the opportunity to access MCMF content via mobile devices.
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 21/26
If I've understood correctly, once the mobile app is completed, the code would be owned by the City.
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 22/26
Knazze says there are no current plans to rebrand the app. Their current focus is regarding awareness and access.
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 23/26
Alderman Scott asks if it would be easy to rebrand the app (if needed under a future administration). Knazze says yes.
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 24/26
The committee approves Item 1 as stated in the agenda. The item will next be brought to the full City Council meeting on 6/23.
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 25/26
The meeting adjourns at 10:33am.
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 26/26
This concludes my coverage for @CHIdocumenters. #CHIDocumenters

Please see the Chicago City Council website for more information. Reply to this thread or DM me with any questions.

Agency Information

Chicago City Council

The Chicago City Council is the legislative branch of the government of the City of Chicago and consists of the Mayor and Aldermen elected from each of the City’s fifty wards. Source

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See also: “What to Expect at a Meeting of Chicago’s City Council” via the Better Government Association.



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