Detroit City Council Formal Session

Detroit City Council

Tuesday, March 26, 2024
10:00 a.m. — 2:00 p.m. EDT

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Edited and summarized by the Detroit - MI Documenters Team

Note-taking by Hannah Mathers

City assessor and deputy CFO Alvin Horhn denies there is a systemic problem with property overassessment in Detroit. Councilmembers approved a resolution requesting a reassessment of the city's lowest value homes, and a resolution supporting a moratorium on some foreclosures.

Live reporting by Benjamin Haddix

Councilmembers talk property tax overassessment with city assessor Alvin Horhn, who said the Board of Review is closed and complaints should be referred to the State Tax Commission. The council also approved a resolution to support a continued moratorium on some foreclosures.

Hi everybody! I’ll be live tweeting the Detroit City Council Meeting today at 10am (now!) for #DETDocumenters. Media Partners: @DetDocumenters media partners: @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @Michigan_Public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit

09:00 AM Mar 26, 2024 CDT

Bhx @BhxDetroit 2/36
Here is a link to today's agenda:…
Bhx @BhxDetroit 3/36
Annnd meeting has been called to order
Bhx @BhxDetroit 4/36
The pastor offering the invocation asks God to help the council remember the citizens of Detroit who have been over taxed, are losing their homes, and are owed money by the city…
Bhx @BhxDetroit 5/36
Lilianna Angel Reyes, the director of the LGBTQ youth drop-in service at the Detroit's Ruth Ellis Center, is being presented with the Spirit of Detroit award.
Bhx @BhxDetroit 6/36
Absent from today's meeting: Angela Whitfield Calloway – District 2, Fred Durhal III – District 7, and Coleman A. Young II – City Council At Large.
Bhx @BhxDetroit 7/36
And like that, Member Calloway has just joined.
Bhx @BhxDetroit 8/36
Public comments are now beginning
Bhx @BhxDetroit 9/36
Multiple comments regarding: Detroit's over-taxation of it's people, and April being sexual assault awareness month.
Bhx @BhxDetroit 10/36
Member Santiago-Romero just shouted out activist frequent public commenter Marguerite Maddox and an Outlier Media article discussing her work:…
Bhx @BhxDetroit 11/36
A lot of discussion regarding Detroit Property Tax (historical and present injustices) and specifically the University of Chicago study regarding the over-taxing / over-assessments.
Bhx @BhxDetroit 12/36
I have not looked deeply into this, but here is online documentation of the UChicago study:
Bhx @BhxDetroit 13/36
And specifically here is the research for Wayne county:…
Bhx @BhxDetroit 14/36
Professor Bernadette Atuahene with University of Southern California speaks in the public comments to remind the city about it's lack of follow through with promised annual Assessment-Ratio Study. She suggests that it is for this reason that all we have to work with is…
Bhx @BhxDetroit 15/36
… the UChicago study. The Coalition for Property Justice has research by Prof. Atuahene regarding Detroit property taxes:
Bhx @BhxDetroit 16/36
I have not read this, but here is the piece of Prof. Atuahene's research (could be useful/illuminating):…
Bhx @BhxDetroit 17/36
Public comments has ended.
Bhx @BhxDetroit 18/36
Member Young II joined the meeting about 15 minutes ago.
Bhx @BhxDetroit 19/36
Note of previous comment regarding Prof. Atuahene: Sans exact quotes I took away that she was suggesting that while the city was busy disputing and limiting the existing research, they were also not honoring a commitment to it's own Annual Assessment studies. […]
Bhx @BhxDetroit 20/36
[…] As a researcher of the subject herself, I gather she knows there is more existing research than just the UChicago study.
Bhx @BhxDetroit 21/36
(I didn't mean to imply she herself was limiting the research to just one source)
Bhx @BhxDetroit 22/36
Detroit Assessor Alvin Horn is discussing / answering questions regarding the assessment of property in Detroit.
Bhx @BhxDetroit 23/36
He says, in terms of the UChicago research (which I gather is the primary source for the council's process in reviewing the assessment in the city): "That report cannot be the basis for our action. It simply does not comply with Michigan Law."
Bhx @BhxDetroit 24/36
The council is asking Horn when a contract can be provided for the city to do its own research into property assessments or malpractice therein. He gives a very unclear answer. He said (my paraphrasing) he just earlier sent a text trying to find out that very thing.
Bhx @BhxDetroit 25/36
Member Young II ask Horn why advocates have not gone to the level of the state to try to take this up with the Michigan Tax Commission. Horn suggests because advocates have not done that, it says everything.
Bhx @BhxDetroit 26/36
annnd that seems dishonest. Though I would have to ask all the people working on this issue on the grassroots level of the people
Bhx @BhxDetroit 27/36
Horn says the reason for the delay for the contract with an independant evaluator has to do with other organizational bodies (missed which he said) not wanting to get involved because “This has become an attraction. Unfortunately a bit of a circus.”
Bhx @BhxDetroit 28/36
(So I guess the frustration of people who've had their money stolen, the suggestion of malpractice, and the demand for justice is a "circus".)
Bhx @BhxDetroit 29/36
So to be clear, Horn's suggestion is that the IIAO (International Association of Assessing Officers) has "cold feet" and is hesitating to take on the contract of evaluating Detroit Assessment practices.
Bhx @BhxDetroit 30/36
Bhx @BhxDetroit 31/36
Deputy Chief Financial Officer Sandra Stahl jumps on the call to say that IAAO IS in fact ready to finalize the contract. This is promising, if not a bit confusing.
Bhx @BhxDetroit 32/36
The discussion with Horn is over. There was a lot going on there. The council passes a resolution to send the "lower value homes" to the assessors officer for review. The consequences of this I'm not sure I totally understand.
Bhx @BhxDetroit 33/36
If I had to characterize Horn's mode of responding to the council I would say defensive. Defensive of his office's work and resistant to honoring the idea that properties had been over-assessed. That was my impression.
Bhx @BhxDetroit 34/36
The meeting is adjourned at 1:18pm
Bhx @BhxDetroit 35/36
If you believe anything in these notes is inaccurate, please email us at with “Correction Request” in the subject line.
Bhx @BhxDetroit 36/36
This concludes my coverage of the Detroit City Council meeting. Learn more about our coverage of local meetings here:


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The Detroit City Council is the legislative body of Detroit, Michigan, United States. The Council is responsible for the creation of local laws—called ordinances. Additionally they pass resolutions, motions, and the proposed city budget. The full-time council is required to meet every business day for at least 10 months of the year, with at least eight of these meetings occurring at a location besides city hall. The council may convene for special meetings at the call of the mayor or at least four members of council. Areas of responsibility for the Budget, Finance and Audit Committee include, Budget, Finance and the Auditor General.

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